Greetr is a new SaaS startup in the HR tech space that helps bring transparency and ease of use to both job candidates and recruiters. Greetr is one of the latest portfolio companies to come out of High Alpha Innovation, and was created in collaboration with Capital One Ventures. The original Greetr brand was designed by Jon McClure from Co-motion, so all credit goes to him for creating the vibrant visual design system that I implemented in the work below.
Sprint Week
I was part of the the High Alpha Innovation team who initially researched and conceptualized the seed of an idea that bloomed into Greetr. This conceptualization process culminates in Sprint Week, where concepts are built out, put to the test, and eventually pitched for funding consideration. During Sprint Week, I collaborated with Dennis Liu – Product Designer at Capital One Innovation Labs – to create the initial product design for how the Greetr platform could potentially look and function if the company got the green light after Sprint Week. 
During the early hours and days of Sprint Week, wireframes were quickly generated and put in front of potential stakeholders for validation and feedback. This feedback was taken into consideration to help improve the design as it went through rounds of iteration and increased levels of fidelity were added.
Along the way, personas were created to help shape the product design and humanize the story we were building in support of the Greetr concept. The hiring process has two sides, so we developed a persona for each: Gary – a technical recruiter, and Jessie – a software engineer looking for her next opportunity.
Final Product Design
The images below are snapshots from the final, dynamic product demo that was part of the final Sprint Week pitch.
Greetr Splash Page
After a very convincing Sprint Week presentation, the decision was made to give Greetr the green light and funding it needed to move forward with incorporation, and I created an initial splash page for to announce the new company to the world.

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