I'm Ryan Bitzegaio. 
That crazy last name is a lot easier to say than it is to spell. It’s pronounced ”bitsy guy.”
I’m a wide-ranging creative with professional experience working in branding, web and app development, motion graphics, live television production, game design, and illustration. I have an MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts and currently serve as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Coastal Carolina University just outside Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Before coming to Coastal Carolina, I spent a decade helping to establish and run a student-centric digital media design and development unit at Ball State University known as the Digital Corps. During that time, I mentored and guided the Digital Corps student employees as they created websites, videos, mobile apps, video games, and more. My most recent professional design work has been focused on helping small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other creative individuals. When my creative energy isn’t all eaten up by teaching and client work, my personal creative explorations include inventing games and exploring the importance and impact of play on the creative process.
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