I'm Ryan Bitzegaio. 
That crazy last name is a lot easier to say than it is to spell. It’s pronounced ”bitsy guy.”
I’m a wide-ranging designer with professional experience working in product, web, and brand design. My most recent gig found me leading a similarly wide-ranging design team at High Alpha Innovation – a venture building studio. Alongside my design team, we tackled UX research, product design, branding, pitch deck development, and web design for B2B SaaS startups being launched by the studio.
Before that, I spent over five years teaching design full-time, and a decade or so helping to establish and run a student-centric design and development unit at Ball State University known as the Digital Corps. During that time, I mentored, guided, and worked alongside the Digital Corps designers and developers as they created mobile apps, websites, videos, video games, and more. 
Through my varied experiences, I’ve found a great balance between technical know-how and creative ability. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of fantastic people who share these same traits, as well as my passion to continue to learn and grow. I hope to continue working with like-minded people in the future. If that’s you, let’s connect.
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